Veterans in Assisted Living Centers Items

Art Supplies        Large Print Puzzle Books    
Puzzles                 Note Pads and Pencils
Stamps                 Small Box Kleenex

What we DO

Thank you for our care packages you don't know what it means to know that our community thinks about us and takes the time to send much needed supplies to us overseas.  Such a moral boost.  

God Bless, Sincerely

Pvt. E. Pina U.S. Army


Signed Letters and Cards  (Non Sealed or Dated Please)

We are always in need of personal cards and letters for our Service Members and Veterans! Let’s show them Bartlesville cares about them!

Blue Star Mothers Office Needs:

Clear Packing Tape

Stamps:  For the 4th of July Holiday we will have close to 100 cards and letters going out to our Veterans and Service Members.

Dishpan Size Tubs: Need 60 for prepacking sorting

Lysol Spray

Paper Towels

Large Black Trash Sacks


Call to volunteer

​​If you would like to help us with our Christmas in July Freedom Box Drive,
Click the donate button below or you can send a check to:

Blue Star Mothers OK 19
P.O. Box 1611
Bartlesville Ok 74005

All donations are much appreciated and Tax Deductible.

Thank-you for supporting our Troops and Veterans. 

Christmas in July ​FREEDOM BOXES Needs List

Blue Star Mothers OK 19

Thank you for the packages. It is great to get and the team really enjoyed it!Type your paragraph here.


Puzzle Book Games; Words Search, Cross Word, Sudoku
Small Games
Card Games
Art Supplies
Note Pads
Pencil Sharpeners.

 Bartlesville, OK. Tall Grass Prairie



Body Wash
Face Wash
Powder – body and foot First Aid items
Unscented Body Wipes
Shaving Lotion (Non-Aerosol )

Nice Razors

OTC Pain Relievers
Nasal Spray 
Antibiotic Ointment
Anti-Itch Cream
Eye Drops 
Cough Drops
Vicks Vapor Rub

Band - Aids
Q-Tips (Small Packages)
Kleenex (Pocket Size Packages)
Glasses Cleaning Cloth
White Cotton Wash Clothes

Hand Sanitizers 3 oz. or less

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Clorox Wipes (Small Packets )

Thank you for your support

Becky Balli
Vice President
Jacqi Davis
Kerri Pannell
Moni Heinrich
Sec Treasurer
Treva Majors
ChaplainPenny Williams

FOOD and Drink ITEMS:

Beef Jerky / Slim Jims 
Peanut Butter
Trail Mix Individual or Small Packages
Sunflower Seeds
Protein Bars, Energy Bars
Pull-top can or pouch Meats (tuna, chicken, ham, spam, etc.)
Pull-top can Soup, Chili, Pasta, etc.
Individual Mac-n-Cheese in packets (NO BOWLS)

Canned Fruit  ( Small Pop top Cans)
Breakfast Bars Granola Bars
Individual Cereal Boxes 
Dried Fruit

Snack Crackers:  Peanut Butter/ Cheese
Cookies:  Small / Individual Size
Pretzels:  Small / Individual Size
Chips:   Small Cans / Containers
Gum / Candy  ( Chocolate in Fall & Winter)


Individual Drink Mixes
Energy / Protein Powder Drink Mix

Power Creamer

Individual Sugar Packers

​Box Packing 3rd Sat Monthly

323 NE Washington Blvd

          9:30 - 11:00

Donation Drops

Tall Grass Motors show room

Bartlesville Public Library

​Monthly Meetings 1st Thurs 6:45 BPL

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