​Box Packing 3rd Sat Monthly

323 NE Washington Blvd

          9:30 - 11:00

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Tall Grass Motors show room

Bartlesville Public Library

​Monthly Meetings 1st Thurs 6:45 BPL

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What we DO


Thank you for our care packages you don't know what it means to know that our community thinks about us and takes the time to send much needed supplies to us overseas.  Such a moral boost.  

God Bless, Sincerely

Pvt. E. Pina U.S. Army



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 Bartlesville, OK. TallGrass Prairie

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Thank you for your support

Becky Balli
Vice President
Jacqi Davis
Kerri Pannell
Moni Heinrich
Sec Treasurer
Treva Majors
Angel Barrows


We began our local  chapter to support each other and our area military families when our children  joined the Armed forces, as only a Mother can truly understand what it is to send their child to war. We are a wonderful support network and work many hours fundraising as we are a Non profit and do not receive any funds from grants to sustain our mission.  We pack care packages of essential items like hygiene and food to sustain our military as they are out in the battlefield.  We assist our military families as they set up home here in our community and we fight for our Veteran's to see that they get the health care and benefit s that are rightfully theirs.  As long as we have area soldiers in harms way we continue our mission to mail boxes and be a support for local families.      Call to schedule your group for monthly box packing, or consider hosting a food drive for the troops.   

Much needed items

Pull top canned meats,(no pork)  indiv. powder drink mixes, coffee, tea, Creamer Sugar and condiment packets.  Crackers, cereal bars, peanut butter, baby wipes. Tooth Brushes, dental and hygiene care,  and always letters and pictures from home.      Cash donations gladly accepted to offset postage and misc. troop requests.